Chimeris’ Chris Bird Presents to FC

Chimeris addresses pain points of existing cell therapies.

Dr. Christopher Bird- Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Dr. Bird has his PhD in Molecular Immunology from Oxford University

• CMO of BioPorto Diagnostics, a public company in Denmark and the US, responsible for clinical
development for all markets, regulatory oversight, safety and quality;
• Head of North America Medical and Scientific Affairs for Roche Diagnostics, the largest diagnostics medical affairs team industry-wide;
• Held various leadership positions in sales, marketing, business development and finance at Roche – India, China, Switzerland, USA;
• Founder member AutoGenomics.

Dr. Hao Zhang- Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Dr. Zhang has his PhD in Molecular Immunology from Oxford University

• Post-doctoral fellow in cancer immunotherapy, Harvard Medical School & Dana Farber Cancer Institute;
• CEO of Oxford Cancer Biomarkers, a biotech company, UK;
• VP of Commercialization & of Business Development, Celleron Therapeutics, UK;
• Global Marketing Director, Oncology (Tecentriq), Roche;
• Associate Director in Precision Medicine Clinical Development (Imfinzi, Lynparza), Astra Zeneca;
• Architect, Roche Personalised Medicine and Big Data healthcare solution.